The Tumbling is typically used for the removal of residues of the substrate, burrs and imperfections generally due to processing (molding, casting, turning, blasting, extrusion and other), is particularly suitable to give a uniform surface finish to a high number of pieces .

The Tumbling is performed with vibrating machinery at low intensity, which with suitable supports of certain shapes, sizes, materials and additives appropriate “regularize” and finish the part surfaces to be treated, in a variable period of time depending on the result to be achieved relatively the material to be processed.

At the end of the finishing process following the drying and possible passivation.

The Tumbling, is mainly used in order to obtain a regular piece free from streaks and imperfections, ready for further processing (burnishing, polishing, vibrolucidatura, vernicitura and more) can ‘also be performed as final processing for various eminently: from carpentry to jewelery steel and zinc alloy, die from industrial to works of art and microprecision for applications of all kinds.

We can propose tumbling in different accuracy levels and types of finish, always finding the best solution for your needs.

The materials are processed all ferrous and non-light alloys including titanium and magnesium, plastics, and more.

Our test center is always available for evaluations and sampling, to meet your every need and requirement of finishing.

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