finishing for the medical sector

Vibroveneta s.r.l. has a department dedicated to the finishing of components for the medical, orthopedic, dental and prosthetic.
This line is independent of the industrial department, is followed by staff specifically trained;
products and materials used for manufacturing are specially designed and calibrated for the finishing of these objects very delicate high technology which need special care and attention.

Generally, unless otherwise required by these processes we use non-toxic products and mild soap for washing, the material is delivered here worked perfectly washed, dried and free of debris or contamination.

Particular attention is paid with constant quality controls not only at the end of the work carried out by us but also during the various stages, starting from a control preciclo.

Vibroveneta also is able to deliver the finished product in a very short time, ensuring the start of the working processes within 24 hours of receipt of the material or component on which to finish.

We are specialized in surface finishing of medical instruments, screws, plates, bars, prostheses and parts customized as femoral heads and joints in steel, titanium or special alloys.