Ball burnishing

The ball burnishing is a finish in mass of metal surfaces made using special machinery vibrating at high frequency, loaded with steel microspheres and special additives
The process consists in a cleaning of the component porosity with additives that at the same time deoxidize and lighten the surface; with the mechanical action of the microspheres which apply infinitesimal meeting points between the microspheres and the pieces to be treated, and finally, by the action of time (variable depending on the degree of finishing and type of the material) during which the cover of the surface is almost total.The final result is a mirror finish surface.
The purpose of ball polishing-burnishing are usually aimed at an optimal aesthetic, but not everyone knows that this process thanks to the mechanical action of peening surface has multiple results for the improvement of performance and quality of the component worked, according to the relevant type of material, which are mainly:
    improved mechanical strength / surface hardness

improving smoothness

improved resistance to corrosion and oxidation

Other benefits are the ‘improper barb ‘ (also called safety) that includes the removal of minor burrs by “rewriting” and without removal of material obtainable just by ball burnishing, it is used for safety purpouse for the assembly workers of components that may have barb or sharp edges.

Our experience also allows us to provide various types of polishing such as:

Brightening Clear
Brightening Neutral
Brightening Dark

These finishes are obtained by us with no added dyes or metal substrates it in suspension.

Fields of application are many and various:

Automotive, Medical, Energy, Sports, Furniture & Design, Household, Technic, Aviation, Engineering, Fashion & Accessories, Jewellery, Food, Restoration .. etc …

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