Frequently Asked Questions

I work pieces that are stained or fix / oxidized?

No problem! Effettuamo reversals of machined components that present problems surface.

In tumbling how much material is removed, at which point, the finish result uniform?

The tumbling does not remove quantity significant material from the flat faces, while consumes the burrs and irregularities depending on the time of application by edges, corners, points of entry to the holes and all those surfaces which correspond to a ‘sticky’ , at the end of the piece of work will be even color in all its parts.

That maximum size / minimum can have the pieces you workable?

There is no minimum size for the workings offered by us, while the maximum size are very variable, depending Weight / Volume / Size. Generally we can not treat the components of heavy carpentry, or particular longer than 200cm.

The polishing removes or adds material?

Brightening ball does not remove it adds material: the microspheres create microspecchiature at every contact with the workpiece, after a defined period of time, the mirror cover is smooth with just a mechanical action between the ball and the workpiece. Steel balls special do not deposit and do not remove material.

What are the materials of which can make your processes?

We are able to work all metals and many other materials: stainless steel, steel and alloys, aluminum, CNC, aluminum alloys, zinc alloy, titanium, magnesium, many plastics, rubber..

What work performed in addition to polishing, tumbling, vibrating polishing?

We carry out pickling, degreasing, washing, drying in hot air drying centrifuge and drying with grit, packaging. These processes are carried out to the material which is then worked or as the final step to the material we worked.


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